Friday, January 05, 2007


Just a little mix of some old and newer stuff I've been working on. If you recognize the guy dunking the ball that's Bruce Ratner, half-owner of the NY Nets basketball team (co-owned by my employer's dad who plunked down I think it was $50mil two years ago for half-ownership of the team...oh yeah, and we got no raises that year!!! What a surprise!!!) Anyways, Jason (my boss) commissioned me to do his birthday card and this is what I came up was also silkscreened on a hideous tank top and given out who knows where...probably at a game or some hob-nobbing get-together. The tanks came out hideous 'cause someone took my drawing, inked it and did a quickie Photoshop color job on it 'cause (as usual) it had to go to production immediately. Oh well, at least my drawing came out pretty even looks like him. Go ahead, Google him, you'll see. :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tom's Tat

This is a tattoo I did for a co-worker. He basically did a rough layout of the thing and I had to research online all the elements and re-draw and ink it. He didn't want a 'perfect' Illustrator inking; instead he wanted the drawing to look more natural and organic. In fact, it's all hand-done except at the end I scanned it into the computer and did the type, then printed it and pasted it onto the mechanical. there's a word you don't hear in an art dept. anymore, huh?
It's the Irish crest/symbol for his family name (hope I got that right, Glenn). It was fun and something different, plus it got me out of my drawing funk.

Happy New Year Everyone and no, I'm not dead

What's up people...I know it's been quite a while for me, but 2006 proved to be a trying year for me and my family and the pressures and ailments threw us for a loop. My art suffered and my personal stuff became really heavy to manage and the addition of my daughter and how sick she'd been all through her first 3 months of daycare (and subsequently thereafter) also took its toll on us. If you've already heard all this before or you're not interested or think I'm just bitching, well, move on, I don't care. This is meant for my friends and family who've stuck with me through the thick and thin and haven't gotten pissy with me for not posting as often. I had to take stock of my life and my work and decide what was more important. Although family will always come first in my world, I'm gonna make a conscious effort to draw some more this year and take more photos and just be more creative. I hope you all come along for the ride with me and no, Rob, you're not gonna throw me a 1-year anniversary no-post party alright so save it, pal. :) I have been checking out all my friends' blogs and some others who I don't know who've really inspired me and actually scared the living shit out of me. Man, there is some scarily great talent out there! Unbelievable! I'll be adding some of these geniuses to my blog as time goes by 'cause I think everyone I know should check these people out.

Anywho, enough of the crap and let's get to the art! The following sketches I did at a time in my life where there weren't any weighty rent issues, or major debts, or worries of any kind except which celebrity I wanted to pluck out of a magazine and draw. I loved sitting for hours and drawing likenesses of famous people and not-so-famous ones; it was liberating. These are circa 1990 and some of them are raw but I like them a lot. It also shows how far I've come, or not, since I haven't done much lately to even rival these. But I love the Woody Allen ballpoint pen, that one's from 1986!!! Even the paper's all chewed up and yellowed. Anyways, I just wanted to dig some old stuff out to remind myself how great it felt to just sit and draw and I wanted to post them. I'll have some new stuff as I go along.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year. Let's make this one even better!