Sunday, February 05, 2006

Van Halen Still Rocks!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting, folks, but I've had my hands full and the baby's been under the weather. I figured in the meantime I'll post something old but dear to me. This was one of Van Halen's t-shirt designs for their 1984 concert tour...I believe it was the one where Eddie brainfarted and started playing keyboards. (I loved them but I never got to see them live...don't know why). What the hell was he thinking? I mean, the guy didn't suck but, it's just that he's such a freakin' monster on the guitar, you really don't see him doing anything else. Anyway, I really fell in love with that t-shirt and the design on it and I decided to reproduce it in Rapidograph pen (remember those, kids?) and colored pencils. I'll probably redo it in Illustrator one of these days 'cause I think it's such a cool drawing. But I love the rawness and the discipline I had back then for detail...still do. Hope you enjoy it...
Later, dudes!