Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sid "El Diablo" Diaz

Here's a quick sketch I did of my friend Sidney at work. He says he likes it but I know he thought it was average. If he would've liked it, he would've gone apeshit like he does when he REALLY likes a drawing. Fuck 'im...I like it and I'm gonna ink it and color it anyway...stay tuned for those later.
Nothing but love for ya, Sid! :)

Some Basketball sketches...

These are some sketches I did...also for my job. These definitely didn't go anywhere 'cause my boss wasn't sure what he was looking for and I don't think these were it. Anyway, I'll be posting more stuff like this, just sketches of stuff I work on that hardly makes it to print.

Pooh & Tigger

Here are a couple of sketches I did at my job. I don't even think these made it to print. Oh well...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Mike Vick Portrait

I'm not into football but I thought this description of him accurately describes the cockiness in his eyes: "Became first African–American Quarterback to be chosen with the 1st pick overall by Atlanta in the 2001 NFL Draft." Wow, pretty amazing, don't you think? I hope I captured his likeness okay...I thought it was a striking portrait.

First self-portrait of the year!

Just a little drawing of myself to kick the blog off.
You'll see lots of these in the future since I'm a freakin' expert at drawing myself! :)